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100% Pro-Life!

As County C&R, you may think that being pro-life is a non-issue, but below, Peter explains why that is not the case. In fact, it's so important he has now been added to Colorado For Life's endorsement list!

Learn Why: 

I realize that the office of Clerk & Recorder may not seem like it has much influence over abortion related issues, however, it could in-fact. The Clerk & Recorder (CR) will be the office that oversees any sort of petition done within El Paso County for a Sanctuary County for Life initiative - ie reviewing signatures received to qualify for the ballot. Much like the current Sec of State who is highly partisan and has a habit of not certifying petitions she/Dems don't agree with, a similar situation could happen here in El Paso County with a CR not supportive of, or even opposed to, such an initiative.
As an example:
  • Collecting 50-55K signatures to get 40K approved for ballot initiative qualification - assuming the average signature disqualification rate of 25-30%
  • Needing to collect 80-100K+ to get 40K approved for ballot initiative qualification - current SOS regularly disqualifies 50-70% of signatures for initiatives she/Dems do not approve of.
A CR willing to follow the direction and influence of the current SOS (heaven forbid she remain in office) could completely derail such and effort. Additionally, should the matter end up going through the SOS, the CR will be the election official advocate for El Paso County - that person will either fight for the initiative or throw their hands up and say "sorry we can't, the SOS said so..." like our current CR does and his men-tee Steve Schleiker (my opponent) has already committed to doing if elected.
I hope this sheds a little bit of light on how this office could in-fact have great influence in the fight for Life and ending abortion here in El Paso County and as an advocate with the state for issues that are at that level.


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