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Debunking election myths:

MYTH: As relayed by multiple constituents, current Clerk & Recorder Chuck Broerman is now claiming that we do not have Dominion voting machines in El Paso County.
  • BUSTED: This sign is posted at the Clerk & Recorder's office on the wall outside the counting room that houses the electronic voting machines:

MYTH: Some officials, like City Councilor and former SoS Wayne Williams and his wife County Commissioner Holly Williams, who financially benefit from Dominion usage, are arguing that it will be too expensive to replace Dominion systems. 

  • BUSTED: Removing Dominion does not mean we replace it with a similar expensive system of another brand.  We hand count – no new expensive system required. In fact, Rio Blanco, Moffatt, and Custer counties voted to remove Dominion systems this year and return to hand counting, citing the expense of maintaining and updating the Dominion systems. Mineral and San Juan counties have always hand-counted ballots.

MYTH:  Hand counting is rife with human error, will take too long, and will cause lawsuits.

  • BUSTED: Many of us remember just a few years ago going to your local precinct, casting your vote, and having election results available late election night or the next day following ballots being hand counted. As the 2020 and 2021 elections proved, having machines involved did nothing but disrupt the process and destroy accuracy. A 2012 joint study by Rice and Clemson Universities found hand count error rates average .5 to 1%. The Colorado Secretary of State lists a 3% rate with Risk Limiting Audits performed on electronic voting systems.

MYTH:  My opponent, Steve Schleiker, publicly argues that only currently elected officials are capable of holding elected office because outsiders are not trained in holding office and are too incompetent to comprehend the job.

  • BUSTED: This argument has been continually disproven by: President Donald Trump (businessman), Senator Rand Paul (doctor), Representative Loren Boebert (restauranteur), Representative Jim Jordan (college wrestling coach), New Jersey State Senator Edward Durr (truck driver), Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (businesswoman), Representative Burgess Owens (football player), Michele Bachman (stay-at-home mom), Governor & President Ronald Regan (actor), Senator Fred Thomas (actor), and so many others... soon to include Peter Lupia.

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