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Peter agrees with the Republican Party national platform, which encompasses issues like the sanctity of marriage, 2nd Amendment rights, protection of the unborn, and other moral and ethical issues addressed in the political arena.

The link to the full Republican Party national platform is here: 

On the Issues: 

While the Clerk and Recorder has a broad range of responsibilities and duties, the most important issues Peter’s campaign will focus on are:

Issue 1: Election Security

Get Rid of ALL Dominion voting machines – deliver annual budgets and plans that call to defund machines and cancel all county contracts. I will be your strongest advocate to the County Commission for the implementation of these plans  and budgets.  

• Create the plan and process for a return to secure ballot collection, monitoring, counting and oversight. I commit to pursue removal of vulnerable and unsecured ballot drop boxes by reinstating hand-delivery of ballots with photo ID on election day.

 • Return to hand-counted ballots at the precinct level on election day utilizing high-definition video systems that would allow voters to observe the counting process via livestream. 

Issue 2: Election Integrity

Challenge and resist unconstitutional and illegal orders granting state control and direction over local election systems and procedures - especially if trying to limit, avoid, or outlaw REAL election audits.

• Advocate within the legislature to remove the statewide mail-in ballot system, require photo ID to vote, and terminate ballot harvesting and similar suspect practices and support legislation that provides these protections.

• Partner with officials in law enforcement and judicial branches within and outside of El Paso County to expose and refer/investigate/pursue election fraud at every level.

• Fight to regain control from the state of bloated and inaccurate voter rolls kept in a shared 31 state database system (ERIC – Electronic Registration Information Center) that El Paso County cannot self-maintain or rectify.

Issue 3: Better Serving the Community

• Work to reduce or eliminate “fees” (taxes) when not approved by We the People.

• Within existing funding explore all opportunities to increase service center locations, thereby decreasing service wait times across the entire county, and add services such as Passport applications.

• Provide sound financial stewardship and pursue maximum efficiency of staff and resources, including overhauling and redesigning the Clerk & Recorder website for a more user-friendly and accessible experience. 

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