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The battle rages onward! You may be hearing from the local media that the recount has been completed and that the results are the same as the initial Primary results, but don't be deceived. It's no surprise that the same machines programmed with the same skewed algorithms would produce the same faulty results. But do not dismay! Your El Paso County Candidate Coalition is still working tirelessly in the trenches to expose the fraud running rampant in our county and state. As many of you have heard, we have filed TWO lawsuits: the first to combat the unreasonable & exorbitant costs Chuck Broerman charged the candidates for their recounts; the second to challenge the methodology in which the recount is conducted (ie fighting for a HAND COUNT!). So do not give up hope, and bear with us as we enter into this next phase of the fight for Election Integrity.  

Friends, we are still urgently asking you to help us raise funds as we are having to recover the exorbitant recount costs (much of which came from personal loans from the candidates themselves) and we are incurring legal costs to pursue the lawsuits mentioned above. We are so grateful for and touched by all those who have given locally and all across the country and are completely humbled by God's provision through all of you! Thank you for your generosity as we continue this fight.

You can DONATE here on my website (click the "Contribute" tab at the top of this page), or here: Colorado Recount Coalition. (Standard campaign limits apply. For my campaign, maximums are: $1,250 per individual, $2,500 per couple.) 

 Also, in case you missed it, you can find the recording of the Candidate Coalition update from 7/31 here: Recount Update

We are having our weekly update meeting on SUNDAY, August 7th @ 6 PM (doors open 5:30 PM) at 2860 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, 80906 where you can come support your El Paso County Candidate Coalition leading the charge, make donations via cash or check, and get updates about the next steps. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please continue to share this message and our emails with your contacts NATIONWIDE and ask recipients to do the same. It is critical our message is received by as many as possible, as quickly as possible.  


By His grace,

Peter Lupia

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